Erie Bluffs State Park

Location: Lake City, Pennsylvania

Webpage: Pennsylvania State Park

General Description: Most of the shoreline on the American side of Lake Erie is highly developed.  Erie Bluffs State Park is a 587 acre example of the natural condition of the shoreline along Lake Erie.  It is the longest undeveloped shoreline along the Lake Erie in Pennsylvania with a half-mile of shoreline, 90 foot bluffs and access to Elk Creek, a shallow stream steelhead fishery.  Hiking trails through the park include sights of Lake Erie along the bluff trail along with uncommon oak savanna sand barren ecosystem and forested wetlands.


1) The only developed area in the park is the access point to Elk Creek.  At this location are a small paved parking area and a few picnic tables.

2) The trails in the park are not very well marked and there are a number of minor trails branching off in all directions.  However with Lake Erie to the north and the highway to the south it is impossible to get lost for very long.  I found the oak savanna with its grass understory to be interesting and unique for the area.

3) There are a number of locations along the bluff that you can get a view of Lake Erie, although much of the trail is screened by vegetation.  Near the entrance of Elk Creek you can descend to the shores of the Lake, however, I would not recommend trying to walk along the shore as Lake Erie extends right to the foot of the bluff in most locations.