Dupont State Forest

Location: Between Hendersonville and Brevard, North Carolina

Homepage: NC Forest Service

General Description: This is an active state forest whose management plan is to provide an exemplary model of scientifically sound, ecologically-based natural resource management for the social and economic benefit of its diverse community of users.”  Which is a fancy way to say that they are managing the forest to protect its ecology and enhance its value for future users.  One of these users is the general public through maintaining some great hiking trails.  Included on the property are an old covered bridge over the river just prior to a series of spectacular falls, High Falls, Triple Falls, and Hooker Falls.  The hiking trails are moderate in difficulty and provide excellent views of each of the falls from above and below each fall.  For a nature hike with spectacular views, this is a great way to spend an afternoon.


1) Without knowing what to expect we went first to the covered bridge, which was a neat old bridge.  However, it is situated above High Falls from which the drop off is obvious.  Once we down the path to the falls our first sight of the falls took our breath away.  It is beautiful!  We got a lot of pictures of different parts of the face of the fall.

2) I would recommend descending to Triple Falls by the horse path as it is a pleasant walk through the western Carolina forest and is well maintained.

3) You can get a view of Triple Falls where the horse path meets up with the foot path.  The trip down to the base of the falls is strenuous as it consists of over 200 steps, although there are benches to rest on along the way.

4) The hiking trail back up to High Falls and the parking lot goes along the river and is moderate in difficulty as it is uphill, but there are many very pretty spots along the way to watch the river.

5) We did not get down to Hooker Falls as they were working on the parking lot by the falls when we were there.


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