Biloxi Mississippi June 2013

Sometime during March we received an invitation from Grand Crowne Resorts, the timeshare company that we bought a week every other year, to visit one of their locations for a “members update”.  As you can imagine this was really a selling opportunity for them.  Since we had yet to take advantage of our membership and were going to lose our week if we did not use it this year, we saw it as an opportunity to learn how to use their exchange.  Besides it was a good chance to get out of town while the house was on the market.  So we booked a weekend at the end of May for their timeshare property in Biloxi, Mississippi.  On the way to Biloxi, we stopped at the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge and then proceeded to our timeshare.  Our first disappointment was that we were not actually going to spend the weekend at the timeshare!  We had brought food along believing we were going to have a full kitchen.  Instead they put us up in the hotel and casino Treasure Bay.  While the room was very nice and we enjoyed the casino that evening, we found out that we did not get any break in the price of the room.  I am fairly certain there were many vacancies at the timeshare and you would have thought that if they wanted us to purchase property there, they would have wanted us to experience it.  Since they were obviously not interested in providing this experience, I have to question whether we would want to pay to come there in the first place.  After spending the night in the casino where I won a little money and Kal lost a little, we spent Saturday morning visiting the Mississippi part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore.  I would have liked to spent all day there, but we had an appointment at the timeshare for the afternoon.  While not a total waste of time since we did learn how to use their exchange system, it was obvious they felt it was a waste of their time since there was no way we were going to make any further purchases.  We did receive a $50 credit at the Grand Biloxi Casino (why this was not at Treasure Bay, which is where we were staying, is a mystery).  We enjoyed spending their money for our evening entertainment.  We also received a credit for a “free” cruise, but after checking it out once we got back we found out it was not “free”.  Once you added up all the fees we found that we could book our own cruise for the same price as their “free” cruise. The next day we spent an enjoyable afternoon at the Historic Blakeley State Park in Alabama on our way back home.

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