Kymulga Grist Mill and Covered Bridge

Location: Childersburg, Alabama

Webpage: Historical Landmark

General Description: Kymulga park boasts two items of historical interest, a grist mill and covered bridge.  The grist mill is over 140 years old and is powered by hydraulics from the river instead of a water wheel.  Swift water and flooding over the years have seriously undermined the mill and it is in critical need of repair before it falls into the river.  The covered bridge is wooden and in fair condition although it is closed to anything but foot traffic, especially since it no longer connects any roads.  According to the management the site was used during World War II as a war time research facility with underground bunkers that are all but covered up now.  The park also has 8 RV sites with water and electricity (30 amp) hookups.


1) While the experience at Kymulga Park was worthwhile, I would not go too far out of my way unless you are particularly interested in old grist mills or covered bridges.  The grist mill is in critical need of repair even though it is supposedly operational even today.  Due to flooding damage in 2013, it is not being operated and visitors are suppose to be restricted to viewing the mill from outside only, although the management gave us a quick tour of the inside of the mill.

2) There is a hiking trail at the park, although it is overgrown with downed trees on the trail that appear to be a couple of years old.

3)  There are RV sites with hookups, but most of the water pipes were leaking and the area was swampy in general.  Even in September the mosquitoes were bad enough that I don’t think we would enjoy camping there.

CoveredBridge GristMill

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