Wind Creek State Park September 2013

Location: Alexander City, Alabama

Webpage: Alabama State Park

General Description: Wind Creek State Park is over 1400 acres along the shores of Lake Martin, a clear water reservoir for boating, fishing, and swimming.  It boasts the largest state owned campgrounds with 626 sites, ranging from primitive to full hookup sites.  Many of the sites have only water and electricity (30 amps), but some have sewer hookups as well.  Along with a marina and camp store, the park has a swimming area, picnic tables, two pavilions and seven cabins.  Restrooms with heated showers and laundry facilities are also available to campers.  The hiking trails range from easy along the lake to moderate in the hills off of the lake.


1) We have been to Lake Martin a few times over the years at Auburn as quite a few of the faculty have lake homes there, but we had never stayed in the state park.  It is a beautiful park on the shores of the lake.  Some of the camp sites have lake access and stay pretty crowded from spring to fall.  However, we choose to stay up off the lake with a good view down a 20 foot bluff to the lake itself.  These campgrounds were not heavily used the week following Labor Day.  Even during the weekend it was less than 20% full.  Although I suspect those sites down on the lake filled up over the weekend.

2) The restrooms were clean, modern, and well lit.  This can be important when having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

3) The campgrounds are suppose to have wi-fi access, but due to continuing problems with their server, it was not functioning while we were there.  We were able to connect outside the camp store at the marina.  They also do not have cable TV connections and we were not able to get any reception with our digital TV, but it comes with only a small antenna.

4) Hiking trails were very well marked and as long as you watched out for horse droppings, were a great way to get some excellent views of the lake and southern pine forests.  Since this is a man-made reservoir, the timber type was upland pine forests even down to the lake itself, instead of hardwood or mixed pine-hardwood bottoms you would find along natural lakes in the southeast.

5) Access to the park is convenient as it is just off US 280, which is a good 4 lane highway.  The park is about an hour southeast of Birmingham, Alabama, or about 45 minutes northwest of Auburn.


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