Sugarloaf Mountain Park

Location: Dickerson, Maryland

Webpage: Private Park

General Description: Sugarloaf Mountain is a non-profit private park consisting of hiking trails and Strong Mansion, a historic and restored mansion built in 1915 and used today for private events such as weddings and social gatherings.  Sugarloaf Mountain is geologically a monadnock or the remnant of a mountain after the land around it erodes. It rises 800 feet from the surrounding rolling hills and has hiking trails ranging from 2.5 mile mountain loop to a 5 mile trial to the peak or 7 mile horse trail.  The predominant forest are red and white oaks.



1) A beautiful location for a hike on a warm spring afternoon.  I would rate the mountain loop trail that we took to be moderate to severe in difficulty with a steep sections.  The trails are well marked, but also heavily used and badly eroded in the steeper sections.

ViewFromMountain OakForest RockStructure Toad

2)  We enjoyed finding the geocache sites located on or close to the mountain loop trial.  It was William and Kristin first time and they were quite good at finding the caches.

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