Reed Bingham State Park December 2013

Location: Adel, Georgia

Webpage: Georgia State Park

General Description: This 1613 acre state park in Georgia, Reed Bingham has all the amenities you would expect in a state park and then some.  It has 42 tent/RV sites, all with water and electricity and about half with sewer.  Each site is spacious with some tree cover.  The bathroom facilities were clean and functional, but somewhat dated.  The park has a 375 acre lake for fishing, boating and swimming.  There are also about 3 miles of hiking trails through the upland Coastal Plain pine forest and hardwood bottomland forests along the Little River.  The trails through the bottomlands are boardwalks making for easy travel during any time of year.  The hikes are all easy trails with little change in elevation.



1) Since we did not travel the Interstates with the trailer, the trip given as the fastest by the GPS was over 6 hours from Orlando and along with waiting on Jenny to meet us about 30 out of Orlando to trade out some phone charging cables that had gotten mixed up, put us into the State Park just before dark.  We were concerned that since it was almost 5:30 in the evening that the park would be closed.  The park office certainly was closed, but the park gates closed at 10:00 and thankfully the Camp Hosts were expecting us (we had made reservations) and gave us a choice of sites.  The loop without sewer hookups was complete empty which gave us a lot to choose from, so we choose the best pull-through site and set up camp as it was getting dark.  I was certainly relieved they anticipated late arrivals.  In fact, there was another camper that pulled in about 8:00 that night!

2) The hiking trails in the park are very easy walks through the pine forest and the boardwalks in the bottomlands were well maintained and made the hike very pleasant.  I found it interesting that they have an active program for longleaf restoration including an active prescribe fire program and removal of slash pine.  They are making good progress.  The open longleaf savanna they have created along the hiking trails made it easy to find numerous gopher tortoise holes.  Although we did not see any tortoises, we did note that most of the holes were flagged as part of a research project.

TortoiseHole TreeFungus DuckBox

3) The additional amenities for summer visitors were impressive.  They even had a miniature golf course in the park!

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