Sergeant Jasper Park

Location: Hardeeville, South Carolina

Webpage: County Park

General Description:  Sergeant Jasper Park is a 321 acre park of natural scenery with hiking trails, picnic area, and fishing ponds.  It also has a professional 18 hole disc golf course.  The fairways wind through the pine forests with holes along ponds and marshy areas in the park.  The fairways are narrow with trees and water hazards.



1) This is a beautiful course that is well laid out and marked.  Most holes have three starting pads for beginners, general, and professional players.  Hole 1 and 12 are actually designed to be over ponds which make them a difficult challenge.

2) During the middle of the week in November we had the course to ourselves.  It was a beautiful day and would have been a great experience except I seemed to find every tree on the course.  Much of the course is through marshy terrain that could be a problem in the middle of the summer or after heavy rains.


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