Gordon Barnett Park

Location: Orlando, Florida

Webpage: County Park

General Description: Gordon Barnett Park is a 159 acre park near the fairgrounds in Orlando, Florida.  It is a public park with lots of facilities.  Along with walking trails and dog park, there are also a boat dock, basketball and tennis courts, golf driving range, and a BMX track.  Winding through the park are two 18 hole disc golf courses.  The south course has open fairways with some water hazards.  The north course is more challenging with trees and water hazards.  Both courses are on flat terrain and well marked.


1) There is a “Disc Golf Clubhouse” near the entrance to the park off of Colonial Drive.  I would recommend stopping there first as you will find restroom facilities and maps of the two courses.  This would have saved us a lot of time as we tried to figure out the starting points of the courses on our own and initially missed the first tee.

2) The north course is more challenging, ending with a water hazard that has you shooting for a small island from the tee.  When we saw this we immediately decided to play the south course.  The south course starts at the tennis courts and all the fairways are through the wide open parts of the park.  There are few hazards, although the pins are often tucked into the tree islands and can be hard to see until you get close.  The course is very well and clearly laid out.

3) The water hazards were mostly back and forth across a drainage ditch, but were primarily right off the tee, so a good first shot easily cleared the ditch.  However, with two relative new players (Jenny and Kor) we started them on the other side of the water instead of the tee.  This worked well.

4)  This was a beautiful and quiet park on a Monday afternoon, which was surprising after the traffic and congestion on Colonial Drive.  The park itself is located far enough away from the traffic that it was not noticeable.  The disc golf course was perfect for Jenny and Kori and I found it nice not to be hitting a tree on every other shot!

OpenCourse PicnicShotLostDisc ShootForPar

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