EPCOT Theme Park

Location: Orlando, Florida

Webpage: Theme Park

General Description: One of four major theme parks at Walt Disney World, EPCOT is designed for the adult.  The front of the park is Future World with exhibits and rides.  To the west are The Seas, The Land, and Imagination.  To the east are Energy Adventure, Mission Space, and Test Track.  In the center is Spaceship Earth and Innoventions.  The back of the park is the World Showcase with exhibits, shops, and entertainment from around the world including Canada, United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, USA, Italy, Germany, Africa, China, Norway, and Mexico.


1) We have visited EPCOT many times in the past, including the year it opened with two young children in tow.  We have enjoyed ourselves every time we visit and now it is the park that Jenny works in.  She is currently a Coordinator for Innoventions, but previously worked at Imagination and The Land.  This visit we went to Energy Adventure and Mission Space, both of which had changed since the last time we rode them.  While Energy Adventure was still the same ride, the addition of Ellen Degeneres made it a lot more fun.  The simulation in Mission Space was amazing.  The spin you up so you can feel the G-forces of a launch from Earth along with a sensation of weightlessness when they stop the spinning.  Pretty cool.  At the last minute Kal decided to take the less intensive route without the G-force, but otherwise it sounds like the same experience.  For me, I love these simulations that Disney creates, including the Star Wars ride in Hollywood Studios park.

2) We always spend at least half the day in the World Showcase doing some browsing and taking in the shows.  This year we did not spend any time shopping (i don’t know why), but enjoyed the shows in Canada, France (which we have never seen) and the ride in Mexico.  We then took Jenny to dinner in Italy, which has become a tradition for us when we visit.  We have had dinner in most of the countries in the World Showcase and have enjoyed them all.  We made it back to  American Showcase for the final presentation of Candlelight Processional which is a beautiful choral and symphony orchestra performance of traditional Christmas music.  This also places us in our favorite spot between Japan and Morocco to watch the fireworks display.  The nightly performance of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth is spectacular, but when they add the display for the holidays it is mind blowing!!.  I love fireworks and this display is by far the best I have ever seen.  It alone is worth the price of admission, although I probably shouldn’t say this since Jenny gets us in for nothing.  I guess it is all in who you know!

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