Cirque de Soleil

Location: Orlando, Florida

Webpage: Show/Theatre

General Description: A circus that is much more than a circus.  There are acrobats, jugglers, high wire and trapeze artists, clowns, etc., but the production with live music and singing is a once in a lifetime experience.  The amount of entertainment that is packed into 90 minutes is simply amazing.


1) Expensive!!  At over $100 a ticket and even with Jenny’s 50% discount it had to be a special occasion (like Jenny’s birthday).

2) While we probably won’t ever do it again, it was an experience.  The stage, acrobats, and music combined into a truly memorable evening.  One we had wanted to do for a long time.  If you can afford it, it is certainly worth the time.  You won’t regret it!

3) Out of all the memorable performances, the most impressive was the women spinning through the air on their cloth ropes, all high off the ground.  They would wrap the cloth around them in intricate patterns and then tumble out of them.  Kal also liked this act for the acrobat that used the cloth ropes to swing way out over the crowd in huge arcs.  I also enjoyed the trampoline artists.  There must have been over a dozen artists dropping off a three story building that rises out of the stage onto trampolines that throws them back onto the building or through windows in the building.  They even somehow managed not to run into each other.  Amazing!

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