Fort Wilderness Campground WDW December 2013

Location: Orlando, Florida

Webpage: Private Campground

General Description: One of the many resorts at Walt Disney World in Florida, the Fort Wilderness Campground is unique.  All campsites are equipped with electricity, water cable, and some with sewer.  Each site is well shaded and semi-private from the neighbors.  The bathroom facilities are cleaned every day, are beautifully tiled, and include all the necessary facilities including washers and dryers.  The real advantage to staying on the Disney property is that Disney provides buses to every venue at Walt Disney World, so even though you brought your own living quarters there is no need to drive your vehicle as long as you stay on property.


1) In my opinion, Disney does everything right and the campgrounds are no exception.  This was the best campsite we have stayed in so far and the bathroom facilities were outstanding.  Not only were they very clean and modern, but the floor and tile work on the walls were marvelous.  Everything fit the theme of the resort being Fort Wilderness, right down to the electric and water hookups which were made to look like tree stumps.

CampsiteBack CampsiteFront

2) Being in the campgrounds at Disney during the Christmas season is a sight all by itself.  There are many campers that come well prepared for the holidays and I understand from Jenny that many of them come every year.  The Christmas decorations and lights on their sites and golf carts was pretty neat.  Disney had also added its own Christmas decorations around the bus stops.

3) The birds in the campground were a little too friendly in my opinion.  Every morning we were joined for breakfast by a flock of black birds and the little yellow bellied birds (see picture) would sit right at the table while you were eating.  We were also visited by a small flock of turkeys, who kept their distance, but were obviously not intimidated by the campers.

YellowBird BlackBird

4) When we arrived at the campsite we were surprised to find that their was no accessible water hookup.  Disney had a T-connection at the hookup with one end dedicated to a hose for fire (not a bad idea) and the other end going into the ground through a PVC connection.  I never did know why this connection went into the ground, but there were a number of sites with this arrangement.  Maybe these sites were generally used for tents who would use the fire hoses to get their water, but we needed the hookup.  A call to the registration desk had an engineer out to the site within an hour to install a connection for us, so all was made right.

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