Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Webpage: Florida State Park

Description: The area was probably the political and religious center for Indians in the “Southern Cult” or “Southeastern Ceremonial Complex” during the period of A.D. 1200 to A.D. 1500.  The entire complex was composed of seven earthen temple mounds where remains of important tribal members burial artifacts have been found.  The largest mound is 278 feet by 312 feet at the base and about 36 feet in height.  In addition to the mounds, there is a short interpretative trail to the remnants of Florida’s Territorial Period (1825-1860) when the land was part of the a large plantation owned by Colonel Robert Butler.  The remains of an 1800s grist mill may be seen along the trail.



1) Very small state park that is center on the two large earthen mounds that form the basis for the park.  There is a boardwalk with stairs that take you to the top of the two mounds.


2) It would have been a nice place to eat lunch except for the grade school group that had the same idea.  They had a good time playing throughout the picnic area.

3) The interpretive trail is only about a mile long with easy grades.  All together the park takes just a couple of hours to visit.

WinterBerries Mill-Creek

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