Eastbank Campground COE February 2014

Location: Bainbridge, Georgia

Webpage: Corps of Engineers

Description: Located on Lake Seminole on the Florida-Georgia border, this campground consists of 65 sites, most with electric and water hookups (no sewer).  Lake Seminole is a 37,500 acre man-made lake and the campgrounds are located just above the dam.  The lake is a great fishing lake with many stump and grass beds along the shore. Other activities are hiking trails in the mixed upland pine/hardwood forest in the rolling hills around the lake.



1) Bathrooms facilities were clean and modern.  Each shower is accessed independently from outside which would be advantageous during busy months as the 4 showers are available for both sexes.  All of the showers and restrooms are heated which was important in February.  Operation of the showers was a bit tricky as it is a push system.  While this could greatly reduce wasted water since they turn themselves off, it made taking a shower in 30 second bursts a challenge.

2) We did not take the time to do any hiking around the lake, partly due to the weather and partly due to visiting other locations.  However, the lake is beautiful as the sun sets over the lake.

3) Each campsite had a moveable fire ring, but they do not sell firewood.  If you have time, you are welcome to gather wood in the forest around the campgrounds or pick up firewood left by other campers (which is what we did).

4) There is plenty of room between campsites to give a sense of privacy, but the trees are too large to provide any useful screening and the ground is bare.

5) In one sense there is a creek running through the campgrounds   that flowed right behind our campsite.  However, it is a Corps of Engineer creek since the creek runs down a straight concrete lined channel from the forests to the lake.  Even while it was raining you could not hear any water flowing!

Woodpecker Sunset EastBank-Campsite-2

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