George H. W. Bush Presidential Museum

Location: College Station, Texas

Webpage: Presidential Library

General Description: The George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum is the presidential library and burial site of George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the US.  It is located on a 90 acre site on the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.  The mission of the library is to preserve and make available over 44 million pages of personal papers and official documents connected to President Bush’s public career as Congressman, Ambassador to the UN, Chief of the US Liason Office in China, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, the Director of the CIA, and Vice-President and President of the US.  The museum has just under 17,000 square feet of permanent exhibit space and 3000 square feet of temporary exhibit space.  The permanent exhibits highlights the life of President Bush from childhood to his death.  The exhibits include his childhood, his decorated career as a naval pilot in WWII, his marriage to Barbara, his career in the oil business after moving to Texas, his rising political career from Congressman through the Presidency highlighting the critical issues and challenges he faced in each position.  On the property are also the burial site for both George and Barbara Bush, as well as, their daughter, Ruth who died as a child.



1) This is one of the best Presidential Museums as it includes interesting information about his entire life.  While you may be aware of his accomplishments as President, you may not be aware of the contributions he made as the Ambassador to the UN, the Chief of the Liason Office in China, and Director of the CIA.  There are even some surprising information about what he was able to accomplish as Vice-President and President.  Plan on spending at least a couple of hours, especially if you take advantage of individualized audio system they provide all visitors.

2) Behind the museum is a very peaceful fishing pond with gazeebo and walking trail around the pond.  Beyond that it is a short walk to the gravesite of President George HW Bush, First-Lady Barbara Bush, and their daughter Ruth.