Museum of the Red River

Location: Idabel, Oklahoma

Webpage: Museum

General Description: The Museum of the Red River is a cultural center of the art and archeology from around the world.  It also includes the Oklahoma Dinosaur, Acrocanthosaurus atokensis. First discovered in 1940, the dinosaur is one of the largest predators measuring nearly 40 feet long.  This particular fossil was found in 1983, less than 20 miles from the museum.  Over 50% of the fossil of the prehistoric remains were uncovered, unfortunately the material making up the fossil was extremely fragile.  Thus only a cast can be displayed in the museum.  However, the main attraction of the museum are the many art works available for display and study.  These include stone, glass, pottery, baskets, and beadwork from around the world.


1) When the museum opened in 1975 it was focused on the preservation of the material culture of the local American groups.  However, the collection soon grew beyond southeastern Oklahoma and by the late 1980s included from all the Americas.  Today the museum has over 33,000 items from around the world and time, with several hundred items being added every year.  Only a small portion of this collection are on display at any given time, but what is on display is impressive.


2) The first display is the cast of the Oklahoma Dinosaur which is nearly 40 feet long and over 20 feet tall.  Although you can’t quite get close enough to touch it, you can get close enough to be impressed by its size.


3) There are multiple galleries in the museum displaying different types of artwork and material including pottery, baskets, and other items for daily use from both modern and ancient times.