December, 2019 – Tyler, Texas

The drive southeast out of the Dallas area to Tyler, Texas was a slow trip since none of it was along interstates.  So far, even the Farm to Market (FM) roads are excellent so the delay was due to all the small towns along the way.  Even then it only took less than 2 hours to make the trip.  Our GPS did a strange thing trying to take us directly to the campground instead of the main entrance of the state park.  Fortunately, the road it wanted us to turn on was closed with a gate, so we just headed on around to the main entrance.  We got checked in and then drove the 2 miles to the campground around the lake that is in the center of the park.  Unfortunately, we missed our turn into the campground loop and had to drive all around the lake in order to try again.  The layout of the campground was amazing.  All the full hookups sites were on a single loop with sites on both sides of the road.  Every one of the sites is a pull-through off the side of the road with the hookup between the RV and the road.  This meant your front door opened up away from the road.  What an amazing concept!!  It was very easy to get hooked up for the week.


We had two main focuses for the week.  The first, was to travel back to the dentist to adjust my denture and the second was to get our Christmas shopping done.  On Tuesday we headed into Tyler to do some shopping which included stopping at a Verizon store to upgrade our phone plan.  We decided to finally go with iPhones 8 with unlimited data.  We also decided to get a new iPad which would also have unlimited data.  A new jetpack with 15 GB rounded out the plan.  Since each of the devices could also be used at hotspots with 15GB data, this should increase our data to 60 GB which is 4 times what we had.  In addition, each of the three devices have unlimited data with speed caps after 50 GB.  We hope this means we can finally start streaming more programs we would like to watch, just as long as we have a good phone connection.  After figuring this all out, we went to lunch with an old friend that lives nearby, Ron and his partner John.  Ron, who now is known by his middle name, Scott, was once married to my sister and is the father of her two children.  Over the past several years, he has reconnected with our niece and we were glad to have the opportunity to spend some time with him and his partner over lunch.  We still consider him as a part of our family.  Except for the fact that they had to watch me eating nothing more than mashed potatoes and mac&cheese, it was a very good time and we look forward to spending more time in the spring when we start back north for the year.


Wednesday was back to the dentist in Plano, Texas which was a 2.5 hour drive on the interstate.  After he adjusted my denture, which made it a LOT better, we took Pam out to lunch.  Then we drove all the way back to Tyler, making a long day in the truck.

Thursday was back to figuring out Christmas with some shopping in Tyler and ordering presents on-line.  Friday was spent finishing this up and working on this blog.  For Saturday, it was one more time to Tyler to pick up our phones, iPad, and jetpack from Verizon before heading to Best Buy for accessories.  Merry Christmas!  We then went to lunch at Applebees where we spent the afternoon watching LSU beat Georgia in the SEC Champsionship.  Sunday was back relaxing in the campground before our long trip on Monday to Louisiana.

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