November, 2019 – Dallas, Texas

For two weeks after returning from North Carolina, we camped in Lavonia Park COE campground.  For the first week we stayed in the same campsite, but then on Sunday we had to move to a different campsite as ours was reserved.  We literally moved across the road to a new campsite, so except for our view changing slightly, there was little difference.  Whereas, the previous campsite was sloped so we had to use boards under the front pads to level the RV, this new campsite was just the opposite.  We had to put a board under each tire in order to be able to lower the front end as low as it could go to get it level.  In addition, the sewer hookup was behind the RV which meant we could not reach it even with our extension on the sewer hose.  We ended up having to haul the full tanks to our next stop on Monday to be able to empty them.


We had two reasons for staying an additional two weeks in the same campground.  First, was to spend Thanksgiving with Mark and his friends and family.  The second, was to get a brand new full denture.  This meant I visited the dentist twice the first week to get impressions made and check the bite and again the day before Thanksgiving to remove the last of my teeth.  This made Thanksgiving very interesting as I could hardly eat anything with the new denture that badly needed to be adjusted.  However, this would have to wait at least a week to allow everything to heal up.  While Thanksgiving dinner was special with turkey, dressing, gravy, mac&cheese, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, etc, all I could eat was a little bit of the softer foods!  Kal had a good time playing with her grand-nieces and we both enjoyed time with Mark, Pam, and their friends and family.

We also managed to drive the hour to Mark’s on both Saturdays to watch college football which included the amazing Iron Bowl when we beat Alabama destroying their chances of playing for the national championship.  As is often the case lately when we win the Iron Bowl it had it’s share of controversy.  The end of the first half saw Auburn, with no time outs, be allowed to get their field goal team on the field while the refs checked replay and put 1 second back on the clock.  Even more amazing was the end of the game when Alabama missed a field goal to tie it and Auburn was able to run the clock out when they fooled Alabama using a strange line up for the punt.  Alabama ended up with too many players on the field and the resulting penalty gave us a first down!!  Another memorable Iron Bowl.  Other than those trips to Mark and my trips to the dentist we spent the time relaxing in the campground.

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