November, 2019 – Dallas, Texas

The trip to Lavonia Park northeast of Dallas was slow as it was mostly along county and state highways northwest to I-30.  Lavonia Park is a Corps of Engineers campground on the shore of Lake Lavon, which is a large lake northeast of Dallas.  However, it meant we were about an hour from Kal’s brother, Mark who lives in Frisco.  The campground itself is an older campground in bad need of improvements.  Thankfully, all the sites have full hookups, which was a necessity as we would be staying there thru Thanksgiving most likely.  Our main purpose in choosing this location was to get our annual physicals with Mark’s physician who had agreed to see us.  We pulled into our site with little problem, however, the site was not level requiring a stack of wood under the front pads in order to level the RV.  Like most COE campgrounds, the sites were very large and this one even had a covered picnic table on a concrete slab.  Very nice.  However, the bathrooms were also in bad need or updating, which they are working on.  They have a new bathroom in the campground, however, they were still working on the sidewalks around the bathroom so it was still closed.  Since there was only a single stall in the men’s and one of the women’s stall was out of order, any problem meant we were having to drive to Walmart to go the bathroom, which happened a couple of times.

Since our main purpose in camping near Dallas, besides seeing Mark and his family, was to see a new doctor for our annual physicals.  Since we are now too far west in our travels to go back to Auburn to see our doctor, it was necessary we find a new doctor in Texas where we will be returning to for the next few years.  Kal was able to get an appointment to see Mark’s doctor in Frisco first thing Tuesday morning.  We took off before the sun was up with two hours to make the 45 mile drive to the doctor.  Even with this lead time, we still were 10 minutes late for our appointment.  Thankfully, this was not a problem as it was first thing in the morning and we had filled out our paperwork before we came from online forms.  It turns our “doctor” is actually a huge conglomerate of doctors in a huge complex taking up a single floor of a small skyscraper.  We were shuttled from room to room, meeting with a Physician Assistant we both fell in love with, getting blood taken, and getting our flu shots.  By the time we were finished we did not even know how to get out of the complex.  They even had a checkout desk separate from the initial waiting room when you walked in.  It was very efficient and organized.  Since the bloodwork had to be done under fasting conditions, our first order of business was to get a late breakfast at IHop.  From there we headed over to Mark’s house to visit for a few hours before I took off for an appointment with his dentist.  A month earlier I had lost another tooth which broke off, so there was now a gap in my lower partial.  However, after xrays and probing it was obvious I was about to lose another tooth, this time one of the teeth anchoring my partial.  We decided it was time to go to a full denture so an appointment was made for the following Thursday.  I returned to Mark’s house where we gathered the family and went out to eat at Babe’s Chicken House in downtown Frisco.  We had a great time at dinner after a full day of being prodded, examined, drained, and consulted.

Wednesday was spent doing laundry and filling the propane tank in anticipation of leaving on Saturday for North Carolina.  Thursday was back to Frisco for another appointment with the dentist to take impressions for my new denture.

We spent Friday getting ready to board a plane on Saturday, however, we did meet our niece, Michelle, at a McDonalds in Rockwall to watch her daughter while she took her husband, James, to see a specialist.  We ordered lunch and had an enjoyable time getting to know our grandniece, introducing her to french fries and ketchup which she took to immediately!!  After lunch was had fun playing in McDonalds play area until Michelle and James returned from their appointment.  After an initial period of getting comfortable with each other, we soon had a great time in the playground.

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