October, 2019 – Homer, Louisiana

Monday was spent staying an additional day at Poverty Point Reservoir State Park in eastern Louisiana as we waited out the rain that fell well into the afternoon.  So we got started a day later heading west to Lake Claiborne State Park in north-central Louisiana.   Just as we were pulling off the highway into the state park, we received a call from them to find out our status as we did not show on Monday.  We got a laugh with them as we then showed up a minute later to check in.  We did not have one of the premium sites, which meant we were not on the shore of the lake, however, we had a pull-through site that was easy to get into.  However, the site was not very level front to back and I should have put more boards under the front pads as we had to live with the RV clicking all week which seems to happen when the front pads are extended too far.  However, this meant we could walk under the front end to get out of the rain.  Kal soon found out that we did not get a CBS station over the airwaves, but since we had good internet service, we decided to stream the CBS Tuesday lineup using the CBS All Access account.


Kal was not interested in taking any hikes in this hilly country on Wednesday, so I headed out to check out the disc golf courses.  They actually have two 18-hole courses on the state park which are rated as the top two in the state.  I was very interested in checking them out.  I quickly decided to play the Dogwood course, as it was about a mile in length, while White Tail course was over a mile and a half.  Of course, this is only the sum of the lengths of the 18 holes, not the distance between fairways or the time spent searching the woods for lost discs!  I knew I was in for a challenge as the terrain was very hilly with a lot more trees than I could possible hit with a disc.  The first few holes were not too bad, although every other one was down and up a pretty good slope as it went across one draw after another.  However, hole 6 was the killer.  It was a par 4 hole, which meant it would take at least three throws just to reach the cage.  It was along a cleared power line, so there was a very wide fairway, however, the course went down a very steep hill and then back up another steep hill to the cage up where the power line crossed the road.  I tried to keep my disc low from the tee, but the wind caught the disc and off it went to the left deep into the woods near the bottom of the slope.  I spent the next 15 minutes looking for the disc, which I eventually found.  I threw back onto the fairway to line up my next shot.  This was probably my worst shot of the day as I threw it right along the left side of the woods instead of the middle of the fairway and also too high as I now had to climb back up this steep hill.  The disc once again disappeared into the woods on the left.  I spent another 15 minutes trying to locate it, only to find out that it hit a branch as was just a few feet from the fairway.  In any case, it took two more throws the approach the cage and end the nightmare.  I took a break sitting along the road at the top of the hill, seriously thinking about ending the day right there.  I finally decided it could not be any worse and I was certainly in no hurry and could take a break after each hole if I had to.  So I continued on and the course continued to go down and up for about every other or every third hole.  I eventually finished the course, although I will admit that I put my driver disc away.  While I could not throw my mid-range disc as far, I can at least keep it on the fairway for the most part.  After losing the disc twice on hole 6 I was tired of looking for it in the woods!!!  I give them credit for rating this course so highly, as it is truly a challenge.  However, I think in the future I will favor the “beginners” courses in city parks.

Rain threatened all day on Thursday, although it did not really materialized until late in the afternoon and rained all day Friday.  So we headed to Shreveport to visit Harrah’s Casino and Racetrack that we often stopped at when we traveled to and from Texas A&M to visit William in college.  We really liked this casino as it had a large number of cheap slot machines, many of which were the older machines that we have enjoyed playing throughout the years.  I did fairly well for the day coming close to breaking even, but Kal had another disastrous day losing everything.  After finding a Mexican restaurant to eat at, we returned to the campground for another relaxing evening.

As I said previously, Friday was wet all day long and Saturday was also gloomy.  We did manage to find a local sports bar, Dawg House, in Ruston to watch the AU vs LSU football game.  We decided to keep our routing for Auburn to a minimum as everyone else in the bar were LSU fans.  We had a nice meal of bar food while we watched the game.  The game itself was a disappointment, as Auburn’s defense kept us in the game, but the offense could not consistently move the football.  When we had two big plays stopped just short of scoring touchdowns and having to eventually settle for field goads, we came up short in the game.  As this is our second loss in the conference, this puts us out of the running for the conference championship.  Still, we are a very good team and hopefully can play the role of spoiler as we still have Georgia and Alabama to play.

Sunday was spent doing laundry and working on this blog.

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