October, 2019 – Demopolis, Alabama

By Thursday we were finished with all the things we had to deal with in Birmingham and were more than ready to get our life back to normal.  However, we still had some miles to go to get to Texas for the winter, but we had the month of October to do it.  So we did not have to travel far each week and our first trip was just two hours to Demopolis to stay again in Forkland Park, a COE campground we stayed in a couple of years ago.  The trip was much shorter, but the weather continued to be brutal with temperatures in the upper 90s again.  Kal made the mistake of not checking the calendar before setting the GPS systems and thought we were going to Foscue Park which is just outside of Demopolis.  I will admit that I did not double check it until we arrived at Foscue Park.  I tried to talk her into seeing if we could change our reservations, but she was adamant that we go back to Forkland, which we had passed about 10 miles north.  So we got back in the truck and went back to Forkland.  This is a very nice park with spacious sites along the Black Warrior River.  Much more to our liking than the commercial parks we have been staying in for the past two months.

Especially with the brutal temperatures, we had very little interest in doing anything for the long weekend as we would be leaving on Monday.  Kal did drive into Demopolis on Friday to do laundry while I cleaned the RV.  Other than that we did not do anything except relax in the campground and finish the huge blog on the accident.  The weather finally broke on Sunday with rain and cooler temperatures.  Hopefully, we have seen the last of summer and I feel sorry for all of you that have been dealing with these temperatures all summer.  While it was a shock to come from 60s in Wisconsin to the 90s in Alabama, at least it was just for a couple of weeks.

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