April, 2019 – Mountain Home, Arkansas

The trip north from Heber Springs to Mountain Home was not very far, but since it was along state highways winding their way through the Ozarks, it was very slow.  It took over two hours for the trip, but it was very scenic the entire way.  Our next destination was Robinson Point Campground, another Corps of Engineers site, on the shore of Norfork Lake, just outside of Mountain Home.  We were now deep into the Ozarks with its oak/hickory forests along with a few shortleaf pines.  Our campsite was actually in the center of a small loop of campsites, which gave us a view of Norfork Lake in three directions.  I was not sure why I had chosen this site, since it was in the middle of the loop until I realized we had the only site with a water hookup next to the RV.  The other sites have water spigots in between two sites that might have required more than the 100 feet of hose we carry with us.  However, I was able to back the RV into the site with no problem and we had both electric and water hookups.  We were soon set up for the week.


It was good that there was no state parks or other historical state parks we were wanting to explore, since the weather did not cooperate all week.  In fact, we saw rain every day of the week, including Monday before we pulled out of Heber Springs.  Tuesday was the worst, since there were tornadoes all day long in Missouri and west of our location in Arkansas.  We spent a significant part of the day watching the local TV broadcast of their continuous weather alert.  The storms stayed mostly to our north and strong storms did not hit us until after dark.  Wednesday we got a break although the forecast was for rain throughout the day.  It would have been a day to get out, if you wanted to ignore the forecast.  By Thursday it rained all day long, although no severe storms this time.  Friday was a little better, although there were still periods of rain, so for something to do we both went into Mountain Home to do laundry.  While Kal did the laundry, I ran errands and we both got done at about the same time.  I guess this was the highlight of the week, as it rained again for most of the weekend, especially Saturday night.  Hopefully, the weather will be better next week as there are a couple of places we want to visit.

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