December, 2018 – Foley, Alabama

On the first of December we headed south for another couple of months on the Alabama Gulf Coast near Foley at the same RV Park we have stayed in since we started this adventure, Escapees Rainbow Plantation.  Our plans were to spend the months of December and January there, although this time we would be staying on the same site the whole time.  As in the past, most of the time during December was spent relaxing in the campgrounds, although we did travel up to Wind Creek Casino in Atmore about once a week, whenever the weather turned wet.  It was also a time for maintenance and cleaning of the RV and truck which included treating the roof, cleaning the outside of the RV and truck, and cleaning all the cabinets inside the RV.  These activities would typically take no more than a couple of hours which left plenty of time to do just about nothing.

The only trip we took was to drive north to Birmingham for two nights over Christmas.  This was a strange Christmas as it is the first without any of our family.  Mark and William had come for Thanksgiving, so it was just the two of us, Kal’s Dad, along with Phil and his family.  We showed up early Christmas morning and we opened up our presents with everyone, after which Phil and his family left to visit Shannon’s family for the day.  This left us with Kal’s dad for the day.  After all of the Christmases over the years with a house full of family, it was certainly strange to be spending quiet time with just the three of us.  I will give Phil credit though, he left us with a very nice Christmas dinner of ham, green bean casserole, jello salad, salad, and rolls that we all enjoyed.  After lunch, Kal’s Dad tried to stay awake in his chair while the two of us kept quiet to let him sleep.  Normally we would watch sports on TV during the day on Christmas, however, Dennis kept drifting off leaving the TV on random channels.  We spent time watching cartoons, news shows, and real life court dramas before he finally found a basketball game hours later!  A very different Christmas.  After spending the day there we drove back to Foley the next day.

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