Jasper County Historical Museum

Location: Jasper, Texas

Webpage: Texas County Museum

General Description: If you are interested in the history of Jasper County in southeast Texas, there is no better location then the Jasper County Historical Museum in downtown Jasper, Texas.  The Municipality of Jasper was organized in 1835 and named to honor Sgt. William Jasper, an American Revolution hero.  However, in 1836 the Eastern half became Newton County and Jasper became the county seat in 1837.  In addition to this information, the Jasper County Historical Museum includes artifacts covering the last 180 years and although small in display space, has a wealth of exhibits to explore.



1) The Jasper County Historical Museum is a two room museum located at the original courthouse square in the center of Jasper.  It is not very big and is jammed full of artifacts from the past 180 years.  The museum is in need of some major investments and could certainly use a much larger space.  While small, we still spent more than a couple of hours exploring all the wealth of artifacts.  If you enjoy small town museums that are trying to preserve its past history, then this is a place you should visit.