Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad

Location: Trego, Wisconsin

Webpage: Train Museum

General Description: The Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad used to make daily runs along the triangle from Spooner to Superior, east to Ashland, and back to Spooner carrying frieght, passengers, and especially lumber in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Today about 20 miles of the route out of Trego, Wisconsin is operated as a tourist destination offering a number of train rides on vintage railcars.  They offer a number of featured rides that vary by season, but the most popular is the Family Pizza Train which is a 90 minute ride on the tracks with pizza.  The most popular is the Dinner Train which is a 2.5 hour ride in the dining car where a full dinner is served.  There is also the Bed and Breakfast Train that leaves the station as part of the Dinner Train where a full dinner is served.  After returning to the station the guests are shown to the Pullman Double Bedroom car for the night with a full breakfast served in the morning.



1) While the train station in between Trego and Spooner is not as fancy as I expected with just a few historical displays about the train, the main attraction is the vintage trains and railcars.

2) Once we boarded the train we were shown to their sumptuous Parlor car where drinks were served and we enjoyed a live piano performance as the train got underway.


3) Guests were then able to move to the Dining car where they had assigned seating.  While the train was moving we were served appetizers and soup before our choice of main course.  While we ate the main course the train came to a stop overlooking the marsh and river.  Dinner also included a dessert that was served as we traveled back to the station.  The train traveled very slowly the entire time which gave us a lot of opportunities to enjoy the scenery while we ate our meal.  This was truly a wonderful experience and worth the cost.