Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Webpage: Presidential Library

General Description: The William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum is located on the shores of the Arkansas River in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas.  The permanent exhibits cover the events, ceremonies, and day-to-day workings of the Clinton Administration at the close of the 20th century from 1993 to 2001.  These exhibits include the Presidential Limousine, mock-ups of the Cabinet Room and Oval Office, and detailed exhibits on the accomplishments covering the economy, foreign affairs, the environment, and many other subjects.  The exhibits are interactive giving visitors the opportunity to explore in depth any subject of interest.



1) The edifice of the museum is an impressive structure, made mostly of glass overlooking the Arkansas River and Little Rock.  The first floor is primarily the gift store, dining facilities, and the Presidential Limousine.


2) On the second floor is where most of the exhibits are housed.  Be sure to start with the great video, narrated by President Clinton, that covers his early years, his political life as the Governor of Arkansas, and as President of the United States.  It is well done and contains a lot of information.


3) The third floor is where you find the recreation of the Oval Office, as well as, the more personal life of President Clinton which includes an impressive sample of the international gifts he received as President.