Greers Ferry Dam

Location: Heber Springs, Arkansas

Webpage: Corps of Engineers

General Description: The Greers Ferry Dam on the Little Red River is located at the foot of Round Mountain in the Ozark Mountains of north-central Arkansas.  The lake provides many recreational opportunities, flood control, and hydro-electric power from the 30,000 acre Greers Ferry Lake.


1) There is a small Visitor Center located at the dam that provided us with multiple hiking trails around the lake.  There are also a few exhibits giving the history of the area and the long process of getting the dam built from securing the land and construction of the dam.  The dam was delayed by WWII and was not completed until 1964 when President Kennedy dedicated it, just a few months before his assassination.


2) Mossy Bluff Hiking trail is a 1.5 mile trail just below the top of the bluff along the Little Red River below the dam.  This can be made into a loop by using the paved road that connects the dam overlook with the visitor center.

3) There is also a very nice disc golf course laid out on top of the bluff.  It is very well laid out and maintained with concrete tees and metal cages.  Most of the fairways are tree lined, but few trees or rocks in the fairway itself.  There are also benches at about every third hole.  I would highly recommend the course.