International Wolf Center

Location: Ely, Minnesota

Webpage: Wildlife Center

General Description: The International Wolf Center “advances the survival of wolf populations by teaching about wolves, their relationship to wildlands and the human role in their future.”  Their goal is to educate the public by providing the most up to date information about wolves and wolf populations.  Since it is difficult for people to tolerate or respect what they are raised to fear, this is as much a people problem.  The International Wolf Center meets some of its objectives through the use of exhibits about the wolf life history from birth to adult and pack interactions.  In addition to the exhibits there is also a resident wolf pack consisting of four adult wolves.



1) The International Wolf Center is located in Ely, Minnesota due to the proximity to the Boundary Waters and the long term research facility on Isle Royal in Lake Superior.  Much of the research presented in the center is from this work on Isle Royal where the predator-prey relationships is very simple since it consists of only two animals, wolves and moose.  While at the center we attended a presentation about this research and learned the current status of the wolf and moose populations on the island.  It was a fascinating presentation that I would highly recommend.

2) The exhibits in the center are geared towards high school and younger age children, so it was not that informative.  However, the many videos of raising wolf pups and hunting strategies were interesting.


3) They have a large viewing area where you can watch the small exhibit pack of four wolves, if they decided they want to be seen.  We did get some good shots of one of the white wolves, although I am not certain which wolf it was.