Fern Lake Campground

Location: Paducah, Kentucky

Webpage: RV Park

General Description: Fern Lake Campground is located just a mile off of Interstate 24 in Paducah, Kentucky.  While most of the campground is for seasonal campers, they have an area in the front of the campground with pull-through full hookup sites for transient campers.  These sites are not very exciting as they are all in a large gravel parking lot with very little room between sites.  However, they are able to park an amazing number of snow birds traveling north or south along the Interstate for a night or two.  Amenities include free Wi-Fi, bathroom/showers, and laundry.


1) I would only stay at Fern Lake for a night or two as there is very little appeal for me in a parking lot crowded with RVs.  There was no room between RVs for even a picnic table which they did not provide.  However, the Wi-Fi and TV reception were good and its location along the Interstate was excellent for our purposes.


2) The bathrooms were a bit dated, but kept clean.  The owners were very friendly and helpful in assisting us with parking the RV.