Jamesport, Missouri

Location: Jamesport, Missouri

Webpage: Historic Town

General Description: The post office in Jamesport has been in operation since 1857 and is the home of the largest Missouri Amish Settlement.  Today, Jamesport is a tourist destination with its many Amish stores and shops featuring antiques, collectables, and food from a simpler time in hour history.  Enjoy a “nostalgic slice of our gentler past and a glimpse into the Amish life style.  Just be mindful of the many Amish families traveling in buggies.


1) Jamesport is a small mid-western town in the state of transition.  It’s strong Amish traditions and lifestyle promotes a simpler life which is reflected in the town itself.  While there are many closed shops in town, Jamesport is trying to redefine itself as a tourist attraction.  We spent time in the shops becoming impressed with the local craftsmanship.  We also spent time in a couple of the antique stores, of which there are many, looking at what appeared to be an old garage sale on a massive scale.  What was somebodies junk 20 to 40 years ago is now being sold to the public.  Everything from old toys, books, records, clothes, memorabilia, etc is on display.  The best shop was actually their country store which had a wide selection of basic food stuff from every imaginable grain to interesting preserved foods.   For anyone interested in shopping for quality items that would be hard to find instead of cheap tourist trash, this is a great place.