Graceland University Disc Golf Course

Location: Lamoni, Iowa

Webpage: Disc Golf Course

General Description: This 18 hole Disc Golf Course is located on the campus of Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa.  The first 9 holes of the course circle around the pond on the campus and consists of wide-opened mowed grass with few obstacles except for the pond.  The back half of the course winds through the buildings on campus and can be a challenge missing vehicles and pedestrians.


1) We only played the first 9 holes of the course which take off from the library parking lot, circles around the large pond, and ends up back at the parking lot.  As this is the showpiece green space for the University campus, it is kept well mowed and open with very few obstacles except for the pond itself.  Each hole has a concrete pad for the tee and easily seen baskets, for the most part.  We were not able to find one of the tee boxes as it was hidden within the brush along the edge of the area.