Adam-ondi-Ahman Historic Site

Location: Jameson, Missouri

Webpage: Historic Site

General Description: In the 1830s, the Later Day Saints were being forced to move ever westward.  In February of 1838, Lyman Wight built a home and established a ferry across Grand River.  That spring, Joseph Smith visited the site and proclaimed there were two altars built by Adam on the site.  One named “altar of prayer” was located on Tower Hill near Wight’s home and the other, “altar of sacrifice” on the top of Spring Hill, a mile to the north.  On May 19, 1938, Smith revealed his belief that this was the location Adam and Eve descended to when they exiled from the Garden of Eden.  On June 25, 1838, the settlement of Adam-ondi-Ahman was established.  Within a few months the population grew to 1500 and non-Mormons became concerned that they would seize political control of the county.  On August 6, 1838, they tried to deny the right to vote in local elections in Gallatin leading to the Mormons fighting back against the mob.  Known as the Gallatin Election Day Battle, this was the opening skirmish in the Mormon War.  Many Mormon homes were burned and when Missouri Governor Boggs called out the Missouri guard to exterminate the Mormon community.  On November 7, 1838 the Mormons were told they had 10 days to leave and they moved to Far West, Missouri. Today, 3000 acres are owned and maintained as an historic site by LDS Church and remains largely undeveloped farmland.



1) Adam-ondi-Ahman is maintained as a park with a nice picnic area and roads that connect to the two altars on top of Spring Hill and Tower Hill.  A short path on Tower Hill leads to the altar itself providing nice overlooks of the valley down to Grand River.  Other than this short walk there is not much to see at the historic site, so it takes less than an hour to explore.