Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf

Location: Branson, Missouri

Webpage: Mini Golf

General Description: Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf offers two 18-hole courses.  The Blackbeard Course is more challenging with many stairs and interesting fairways.  The Captain’s Course is more level with no stairs and is wheel-chair accessible.  The course have a number of interesting features as it winds around a pirate ship, cave, and waterfalls and other water features.



1) While we found the Captain Course easy to play, Blackbeard’s Course is more challenging and much more interesting.  Both courses feature a hole where the best shot is actually to play the golf ball into the stream.  The ball travels down the stream under a rock feature where it is shunted off into a tube that places the ball close, if not into the hole.  We have never seen this concept used in a mini golf course.  Also the Blackbeard’s course has a hole on the pirate ship, as well as, a hole within the mountain and then on top of the mountain.  A very pleasing and wonderful course.  We came back twice to play the course.  Be aware of the hole within the mountain.  Not only is it dark in the mountain after the bright sunshine, but the hole is in the center of an anthill.  You have to have exactly the right speed on the golf ball to get it up to the top without going back the other side.