Bigfoot Fun Park

Location: Branson, Missouri

Webpage: Mini Golf

General Description: As the name of the park suggests, Bigfoot Fun Park is much more than just a mini-golf course.  There are amusement style rides (drops), a children play area, and arcade center in addition to the mini-golf course.  The mini golf course is a single 18 hole course with some interesting features.  A series of three holes are within a cave with simple animatronics of wild animals and then circles around to a very long hole on top of the cave.


1) While not the best mini golf course in Branson, Bigfoot Fun Park offers a challenging 18-hole course.  Not only are there a number of holes in the dark with black lights that can be a challenge coming out of the sunshine, but there is also a par 5 hole on top of the cave.  There are also holes with all kinds of obstacles, unseen humps, etc.  It was more fun then I expected, as well as, more challenging.  The most challenging aspect was the lip around most of the holes making you hit them dead center.