Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast

Location: Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Webpage: Casino

General Description: Hollywood Casino is located along the shores of St. Louis Bay just a few miles north of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Along with a hotel and RV Park, the casino offers a wide range of entertainment options.  The main casino floor has a wide range of slot machines ranging from simple to complex in all denominations.  There are also a wide variety of table games, poker room, and sportsbook venues.


1) The main room with all the slot machines is a maze of slot machines with high dollar machines mixed in with low end machines.  I prefer the machines to be organized into areas of similar betting ranges so you don’t spend as much time searching for machines you can afford to play.  I realize we were there in the morning during the week when the crowds are small, however, they need to have more attendants on the floor.  The first machine I played had a problem printing my ticket and it took over 45 minutes for someone came around to deal with it.  Thankfully I was there with my wife so we could trade off standing at the machine.