East Park

Location: Hampton, Iowa

Webpage: City Park

General Description: The Disc Golf course at East Park in Hampton, Iowa is titled Hampton Rotary 4-Way Test for some reason as it sits completely within East Park.  The park is primarily a ball field and picnic areas with a stream running through the middle of it.  They take full advantage of this stream in their design of the disc golf course.  There is no topography in the park and all the fairways, except the last one, are in the open with mowed grass throughout.  Even though it is only a 9-hole course, you will find some challenging holes.  The course crosses the stream four times with only one bridge centrally located in the park.  Care must be taken on two of the holes to drop the disc short of the stream or risk losing it in the water.


1) This is a nice little park that is mostly for other uses, however, the 9-hole disc golf course fits nicely within it.  All except the last hole are in the open with few trees to deal with.  The main obstacle is the stream that you have to cross four times.  Interesting holes include the second which initially crosses the stream and then takes a 100 degree turn to the cage.  It would be a short shot from the tee to the cage, except for the brush and trees on the other side of the creek blocking the path.  While the tee box on this hole is close to the stream making the shot over it easily, there are two holes where the cage is close to the stream forcing you to throw short of the creek or risk hitting the water.  There is even one hole where the tee box is directly behind the backstop of the ball field forcing you either to throw around it or back up onto a small asphalt road to make the throw.  The final hole is through a small grove of trees that force a very accurate shot to avoid hitting at least one of them.  This is a small course that still has its share of challenges.