November, 2018 – Andalusia, Alabama

It was a 2.5 hour drive south from Alexander City to Andalusia, a drive I was very familiar with since most of it was along highways I traveled to the Dixon Forest Education Center and to Eglin Air Force Base where I taught Summer Practicum and conducted field research, respectively, over my years at Auburn.  However, this was my first time visiting Frank Jackson State Park that is just outside of Opp, Alabama.  The campground is small, with only 32 campsites, but all of them are well laid out with full hookups.  Most of them also have a nice view of Lake Jackson.  We found a site that was a nice pull-through with a good view of the lake.  It was also just across the road from a brand new bathroom/shower/laundry facility.  This was especially nice since the weather was cold all week with freezing temperatures over night a couple of times.  They also had free WiFi, which for once was excellent!!  Unfortunately, the TV reception was not very good, however.


We did not do much during the week, just relaxing in the campground attempting to keep warm.  Besides working on this blog and cleaning the sheets and towels, it was a very quiet week.  The only thing we did was to head back to Auburn on Friday to attend another retirement party, this time for Dr. Art Chappelka, who was hired soon after I was at Auburn.  I assisted him with numerous research projects and graduate students over the years and he was a colleague and friend.  I am glad we were close enough to be there for his retirement.

Our plans were to travel to Rainbow Plantation near Foley, Alabama on Saturday as it was December 1 and we had reservations for December and January.  However, the day began with rain and it was forecast to rain all day.  So we extended our stay another night and waited for the weather to clear on Sunday.  It was a good choice as it indeed rained all day and there was minor flooding near Foley.

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