April, 2018 – Tishomingo, Mississippi

Another quick trip north along the Tenn-Tom Waterway to Piney Grove COE Campground outside of Tishomingo, Mississippi.  We did not stay here last year as they canceled our reservation and we had to stay at Tishomingo State Park, which is right on the Natchez Trace.  Piney Grove is just about 10 miles from the Trace and is a better campground than the state park.  The sites are beautiful and spacious and we had one that backed onto the lake.  We enjoyed listening to the symphony of frogs and birds in along the grassy bank each night.  The campground was nearly empty during the week, although it was half full over the weekend, mostly with families and fishermen.  Unfortunately, Sunday was mostly rain which cut into a lot of their fun.  I did want to mention that I am getting much better at backing the rig into a site, as long as I don’t have any obstructions across the road from the site making it difficult to swing the truck around.  We were in back-in sites in the last two campgrounds and I was able to back the RV in a single attempt.  In fact, I did not even have to pull forward at all last week at Whitney Park campground.  I am finally learning how far to pull the RV up and how tight to make the initial turn to put the RV right where I want it.  The site last week was to the left and this week to the right with no problem.

Even though this was our first time at this campground, we did stay last spring in the area and had already explored the Natchez Trace.  So on Tuesday we checked out a 1 mile nature trail in the campground that wound its way down to the lake.  There were a number of numbered signposts, but since we did not have the accompanying brochure…  It was nice to finally get out for a hike in the woods, even though it was rather short.

On Wednesday we finally fed up with just relaxing in the campgrounds and decided to visit the stretch of the Natchez Trace from here south to Tupelo where there was a nice Walmart instead of the small grocery store in Tishomingo.  We stopped at all the pullouts along the Trace which included two short nature hikes, all of which we remembered from last year.  While it was nice to visit them again, we are both ready for somewhere we haven’t already been.

The rest of the week was spent in the campgrounds where we broke out our bikes to ride around the campgrounds, which is more of a challenge.  Although you would not consider Piney Grove to be hilly, the inclines are still more of a challenge they we would like.  We really need to do this more often then 20 minutes a couple of times a week.  I did use some of the time to plan our summer through Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and began the process of making reservations.  Unfortunately, we will have to use commercial parks and many of them do not open until May, which means there is nobody manning the phones.

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