April, 2018 – Columbus, Mississippi

The trip north from Pickensville was just to the other side of Columbus and took just over an hour along the same highway we had used to travel to Columbus a couple of times already.  Consequently, the trip was one of the shortest and we were once again camping in a very nice Corps of Engineers campground along the Tenn-Tom Waterway.  As there are only a couple of pull-through sites, none of them with sewer hookups, I opted for a back-in site with sewer.  This put us into the upper loop off of the waterway, which meant there was only one other camper most of the week and even the weekend there was only 3 campers in the entire loop.  I really liked our campsite, especially since it was right across the road from the bathroom.

We did not have anything planned for the week, partially since we were in this same area last spring, although at a different COE campground, and had already explored most of the historical features of interest.  In addition, the weather did not cooperate since 3 of the 6 days were raining and Saturday night actually had temperatures below the freezing mark, which is VERY unusual for April.  On Tuesday, I set out to play a round of disc golf on a course I played last spring in Columbus at Propst Park. Like last year, however, there were a number of occupied cars in the parking lot which made me very uncomfortable, so I decided not to play and went to Lowes instead.  It was a good thing I did since Social Security called soon after I got back to the camper to finish up my application and needed to talk with Kal for the spousal benefits.  As expected there was a question about her citizenship since she was born in Germany while her father was stationed there.  So we got up early on Wednesday to drive to the Social Security Office in Columbus, which was now only 15 minutes away.  They were able to verify her status and we were good to go.  Of course, we had to wait until Thursday to complete the process over the phone as it took 24 hours for their system to update.  In any case, they were able to change our request to begin benefits in March, rather than April, which means we should see the first check this month.  This is sure going to make a difference in our budgets and take the pressure off my IRA.  In fact, we will be able to substantially increase our investments over the next few years.

Unless you want me to talk about the weather, which got interesting Wednesday night and supposedly had snow flurries on Saturday, there is not much else to talk about.  We did break out our bikes and rode around the campgrounds on the warmer days, but for the most part just relax in the RV.


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