March, 2018 – Monroeville, Alabama

With my teeth finally taken care of by the end of February, it was time to once again start our journey north.  This year our goal is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with plans for the family to join us at St. Ignace which is a boat ride to MacKinac Island that we visited last summer.  Especially since this year our journey will be due north of our location in Alabama on the Gulf Coast, it will be our shortest year in terms of miles.  So even though we are not getting started until March, the journey will be slow, especially as we await the arrival of spring.  With 70 degree days in Alabama, it feels like spring has already come, but I expect we will still find some colder weather as we move north.  Our first destination was the Corps of Engineer Campground outside of Monroeville, Alabama, Isaac Creek Campground.  We stayed there two years ago and as it turned out I happened to reserve exactly the same pull through site this year without realizing it.  Two years ago we had to move mid-week to another site due to high water on the Alabama River which caused the backside of the campground to flood.  No problem this year as the weather continued to be mild and no rain all week.  This time of year is very quiet in the campground and we only had a single neighbor all week until a few more campers came in over the weekend for spring break.

Except going one last time to Wind Creek Casino near Atmore, which was now an hour south of our location, we did not do anything all week.  There are no hiking trails in the campground and all the state parks are over an hour away.  There was not even a disc golf course closer than 50 miles.  So we just relaxed in the campground listening to Kal complain about the lousy TV reception.  We only got one station, CBS, and then only after dark.  Even then it was often so terrible that we just turned it off.  I was in good shape since I had new games to play on the Playstation and old TV shows (Stargate and Quantum Leep) I got for Christmas.  Thankfully, internet reception was good so we were able to stream the last two games of Auburn basketball and watched them win the SEC Conference for the first time since 1999.  I am so thankful that we now have unlimited data so we can watch these games and we are looking forward to the SEC and NCAA tournaments.  WAR EAGLE!!

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