Anderson Japanese Gardens

Location: Rockford, Illinois

Webpage: Private Park

General Description: Established in 1978, the Anderson Japanese Gardens was the inspiration of John R Anderson and designed by renown landscape architect, Hoichi Kurisu.  Originally the gardens were part of Anderson’s home in Rockford and today are open to the public and the host of many instructional programs and events.  The centerpiece of the 12 acre gardens is a 13th century “pond strolling” garden with several waterfalls, ponds, streams, rock formations, winding paths, and quiet secluded areas.  There are also many forbidden paths that lead up to the Anderson home.



1) In 2004, it was recognized by the Journal of Japanese Gardens as the finest example of a Japanese Garden in the United States and it is easy to understand why.  The many winding paths, hidden nooks, streams, and waterfalls are a wonderful experience.  It certainly had the feel of being much larger then its 12 acres.   A real jewel and well worth the price of admission.