Painted Rocks Cruises

Location: Munising, Michigan

Webpage: Boat Cruises

General Description: Painted Rocks Cruises is an authorized concessionaire of the National Park Service guiding visitors to the Painted Rocks National Lakeshore.  The boat cruises are 2.5-3 hours long tours of the most spectacular rock formations along the 40 miles lakeshore of Lake Superior.  Scheduled cruises include the Classic Cruise, the Spray Falls Cruise, and the Sunset Cruise.



1) The only way to truly see the splendor of the Painted Rocks National Lakeshore is by boat and the most popular is the Painted Rocks Cruises.  We took advantage of the Sunset Cruise which departs at 7:30 for viewing the amazing colors of the sandstone cliffs as the sun sets in the west shining directly on the rockfaces.  As the sun got lower the colors in the wet rocks began to shimmer, which is an effect you would not get at any other time of day.  In places it looked like shiny gold all along the cliff.

2)  The waters of Lake Superior were calm enough that they were able to bring the boat within just a couple of feet of the cliffs in some locations and even traveled up into a sheer rock cove where you could almost touch the sides of the cliffs on both sides of the boat.  An amazing experience!!