Palms Book State Park

Location: Manistique, Michigan

Webpage: Michigan State Park

General Description: Palms Book is home to one of the most alluring natural features in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the fresh water spring called Kitch-iti-kipi.  This spring is 200 feet across and 40 feet deep with a strong current as over 10,000 gallons a minute gush into the spring from below.  The water is a constant 45 degrees year round and is the home of very large trout that can be seen swimming around in the clear water of the spring.  To gain the best view of the spring be sure to ride the self propelled raft across the spring and gaze through the glass bottom at the fish and gushing waters.



1) For anyone who loves to explore nature, Kitch-iti-kipi spring is a must see.  It doesn’t take very long to explore since it consists of a short paved walk from the parking lot to the spring and self propelled raft.  The raft is on a cable that you can easily pull the raft along using a large wheel on the side of the raft.  As the raft slowly crosses the spring you can either gaze over the side of the raft or through the enclosed glass bottom.  You can immediately see the very large trout that live in the pool with free access to Indian Lake just to the south.  As you slowly move over the center of the pool be sure to look through the glass bottom as it will give you the best view of the rippling sands as the water gushes from underground.