Indian Lake State Park

Location: Manistique, Michigan

Webpage: Michigan State Park

General Description: Indian Lake State Park is a public recreational area in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan outside of Manistique.  The entire park covers 847 acres broken into two areas along the south and west sides of Indian Lake.  Indian Lake is the fourth largest lake in the Upper Peninsula with 8400 acres.  The CCC and WPA developed most of the southern area in the 1930s building a log bathhouse and limestone picnic shelter.  Today the main activities in the lake are camping, boating, and hiking.



1) We only visited the southern section of the park seeking a hiking trail.  While we drove close to the campgrounds, we were not close enough to comment on them.  The day use picnic area is very nice with four separate parking lots, shelters, and picnic tables along the shore of Indian Lake.  There is a one-mile loop trail that begins and ends at the lakeshore and wanders up into the forests between the lake and highway.  The trail is heavily used by mountain bikers so be ready for a number of torn up muddy areas and small logs inserted across the trail to fix the worst areas.  Except for having to watch our footing, the trail was a nice easy hike.