Albany Indian Mounds State Historic Site

Location: Albany, Illinois

Webpage: Illinois State Park

General Description: The Albany Indian Mounds State Historic Site consists of 205 acres of forested hills and restored native prairie that protects a Hopewell Culture Indian village who lived here as early as 500 B.C.  Along with the adjacent Meredosia Slough and the nearby Mississippi River Valley, the Indians found an abundant supply of food and water.  Hiking trails are maintained through the prairie and forests to a number of burial mounds that are all that remain today of the village.



1) This is a great place for a hike through the restored prairie and forests on the property, however, there is little information provided about the Hopewell Indian Culture or village.  If you are lucky there may be a trail map available at the parking lot that shows the location of the burial mounds along the trail.  Since these mounds are not marked on the ground and are difficult to see in the heavy grass, they would be impossible to locate without the map.

2) We visited the mounds early in September after a couple of weeks of rain.  Consequently, the mosquitoes coming out of the nearby slough were voracious and drove us back to our truck before we had found more than a couple of mounds.  Generally, speaking the mosquitoes and heat made it difficult to enjoy the hike.