South Wood County Park

Location: Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Webpage: Wisconsin County Park

General Description: South Wood County Park is located 5 miles east of Wisconsin Rapids and consists of 332 acres around Lake Wazeecha, a 148 acre lake.  Along with 73 site campground, 54 with electrical hookups, there are two beach areas, boat ramps, and numerous picnic areas, playground, a 4 mile bike/hike trail, and 12 hole disc golf course.


1) South Wood County Park is broken up into a number of connected small picnic areas around the Lake.  Each small area has its own small parking lot and many have bathroom facilities.  Swimming, picnicking, water skiing, and tubing are common activities during the weekend over the summer.


2) My interest was primarily the 12 hole disc golf course.  After checking out a number of the small parking lots in search of the course, I finally found it at one of the wider areas.  The course is squeezed in this small area with the fairways running around the perimeter of the area.  The course can be difficult to follow as much of the area has a lot of foot traffic so the location of the next tee is not always obvious.  Pay close attention to the layout of each fairway provided on a wooden post at each tee as this shows the direction to the next tee.  The terrain is slightly rolling and every fairway is full of trees making it a challenging, if short course.  You also need to be careful on a couple of the fairways not to through your disc into the lake.