Garlyn Zoo

Location: Naubinway, Michigan

Webpage: Zoo

General Description: Garlyn Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals from around the world.  North American animals include “Alligator, Badgers, Fox, Wolves, Bobcat, Whitetail deer, Javelina, Cougar, River Otter, Porcupine, and Bison”  “Exotic animals from around the world include African Lions, Siberian Tigers, Syrian Brown Bear (Grizzly), Patagonian Cavy, Ring-tailed Lemur, Camel, Reindeer, Sika deer, and Sulcata Tortoise.”  In addition there are free ranging chickens, ducks, and peacocks representing a number of species.  “The zoo is a small intimate family run zoo nestled in the mature pine forests on the northern most shores of Lake Michigan.”  They offer a family friendly atmosphere and friendly animals many of which can be fed using the feed sold at the zoo. 



1) This is a small family run zoo, consequently many of the animals are kept in small areas, although they are doing the best they can to provide some space for the larger animals.  Many of the children visiting the zoo talk their parents into buying food for the animals which makes for some entertaining situations.  The free ranging chickens and ducks are also vying for the food and are willing to snatch it from unsuspecting small hands.


2) They have some species from around the world that I have never seen before, which was a surprise for such a small zoo.  They do provide interpretive signs that give basic information about their natural habitat and range.  Due to its small size, it takes only 1-2 hours to fully explore the exhibits.