Cascade Hollow Distillery

Location: Tullahoma, Tennessee

Webpage: Distillery

General Description: George A. Dickel opened the Cascade Hollow Distillery Company in 1878 to produce Tennessee Whisky, spelled without the “e” in the Scottish tradition.  Dickel preferred the whisky to be made during the winter months for the smoother taste and it became known as “Mellow as Moonlight.”  During the years of prohibition, production was moved to Kentucky where it could be sold for medicinal purposes.  Following prohibition they moved back to Cascade Hollow in Tennessee due to the limestone filtered spring water.  In 1964 the whisky was bottled and sold as Dickel Black Label Old No. 8 and Dickel Tan Label Superior No. 12.  In comparison, Cascade Hollow, is still a small distillery where all processes are done by hand.  The distinctive flavor are produced using chilling methods to mimic the original winter distilling and charcoal filtering before being barreled for a minimum of 5 years.


1) Cascade Hollow Distillery is certainly a much smaller operation than Jack Daniels that is also produced in the area.  The tour is certainly worth the cost, which also includes a tasting of all their bottled products.  Our guide made the tour enjoyable with a number of stories of the brewing process and history.  The most amazing step in the process was how they weighed all the grain by hand using a HUGE scale to weigh a two story tall metal vat they put the grain into.  Unfortunately, they did not allow photos inside the distillery so you will just have to take the tour to see it.  There is also a small gift shop with everything “George Dickel.”