November, 2017 – Cartersville and West Point, Georgia

The trip from my sister’s house in Tennessee to Auburn was to be a split week as we got close enough to Auburn to visit our doctor with enough time to get our blood work done before we left the area.  Consequently, the trip was along the Interstates that we have traveled many times over the years.  Even the two COE campgrounds were repeats from two years ago.  Our first stop was at MacKinney Campground on a lake north of Atlanta near Cartersville, Georgia.  I had reserved a pull-through site so parking the RV was a breeze and except for the restroom being a bit of a climb every day, it was a nice place to stay.  We were only going to be staying for 3 nights so we did not do very much but stay in the campgrounds.  We did get out on Tuesday evening to find a Buffalo Wild Wings in Marietta to watch the US Men Soccer match against Portugal.  Since this was their first game after being eliminated from the World Cup, the team consisted of a lot of new faces.  The same turned out to be true for Portugal, so the match was quite competitive with both sides showing periods of excellence interspersed with bad passing in the mid-field.


On Thursday, we packed up and moved again to West Point Lake to the R. Shaffer Heard Campground.  When we stayed here two years ago we had a very nice pull-through site that was very spacious.  Unfortunately, this site was already reserved, so I had reserved a back-in site with a nice view of the lake.  This is the risk you take when you reserve a site unseen, as it was a real challenge to back the RV into the site.  The site was one of three that was on a short spur at a turn in the road.  Not only did this mean the “road” was very narrow with trees on both sides, but it turned making an S-turn to back the RV around!!  Initially, Kal pulled up to far into the S-curve and I had to go all the way around the campgrounds to reset the RV.  I slowly backed the RV around the S-curve and got the back end headed into the site.  However, I had to wait on swinging the truck around until I cleared a tree in front.  By this time, the RV was backing at an angle into the site directly at another tree!!  It took 4 times with pulling the truck a few feet forward and then back until we could get the truck and RV lined up to back into the site.  After all the work of getting the RV into the site, it turned out to be a very nice site, with the lake on three sides.

On Friday we headed into Auburn to see out Doctor and get our annual check-up.  Whereas, in the past we had been able to walk-in without an appointment, the situation had now changed.  Our doctor had not only moved to a new location in Auburn, but was also spending two days at a different location in Beauregard, and Friday was one of those days.  So we headed to Beauregard, getting there as they opened.  However, we also found out that they only saw patients with appointments, so all we could do was make an appointment to see the doctor in Auburn on Tuesday.  Thank goodness we came to Auburn with enough time to deal with this kind of delay.  In any case, we had not had breakfast assuming they would be taking a “fasting” blood sample, so we drove over to MacDonald’s in Tiger Town before heading back to the campgrounds for the day.  Except for watching some college football on Saturday, this was the highlight of our stay at West Point Lake.

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