Tawas Point State Park

Location: East Tawas, Michigan

Webpage: Michigan State Park

General Description: Tawas Point State Park has been referred to as the “Cape Cod of the Midwest”.  While not as spectacular or large as Cape Cod, it does have many of the same attributes jutting out into Lake Huron forming the northwest corner of Saginaw Bay.  Tawas Point Lighthouse which as the sole representative of a true Victorian-era style station on the Great Lakes and is today under renovation and not yet open to the public.  The sandy beaches are perfect for swimming as the water is shallow and warm.  The park is 183 acres of a sandy spit that forms Tawas Bay.



1)  Tawas Point State Park is a small state park on the shores of Lake Huron that juts out into the lake forming Tawas Bay.  The main attractions are the campground and sandy beaches along the northern shore of the park.  There is also the last remaining Victorian style lighthouse that is currently closed for renovations.


2) There is a single hiking trail that forms a loop up and around the point.  While they have attempted to maintain the trail along the sandy ridge of the sand dunes, most of it is covered with sand and dune grass making it difficult to follow at times.  The backside of the trail is hampered by the marshes that depending upon the water levels of the lake can be mostly underwater, as it was while we visited in August.  The loop trail is just over a mile in length and provides some great views of Lake Huron, Tawas Bay, and the multiple marshes and beaches.